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Our Alternative to Traditional Payments 

The Benefits

>> Increase Revenue Streams
>> No Risk of Market Volatility
>> No More Chargebacks or Declines
>> Reduce Fraudulent Transactions
>> Daily Settlements in USD or Crypto
>> Easy-to-Use Merchant Dashboard
>> Seamless E-Commerce Integration
>> Simple Refund Process
>> Enjoy Faster Transaction Speeds
>> Accept 160+ Cryptocurrencies

Best Industries

>> Luxury Retail Stores
>> Fine Jewelry Stores
>> Auto Dealerships
>> Real Estate
>> CBD/High-Risk
>> E-Commerce

Crypto Facts

>> $30,000 USD - the average crypto transaction
>> 68 Million - estimated e-wallet users in the US
>> 400K - average number of crypto transactions per day
>> Every 3 seconds - someone posts about cryptocurrency

Accept 160+ Cryptocurrencies


Pathway to the Future of Payments 

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